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Time-Attendance defines the productivity of any organization and Access Control defines security of the valuable assets. These two areas are inherently human-oriented, complex and challenging to automate.

Productivity of any organization depends on its effectiveness in putting the right people in the right place at the right time. No two organizations have identical attendance and leave policies. Even the same organization may follow different timings and holidays for its different facilities like head office, factory and branch offices. Various departments like manufacturing, R&D and marketing within an office differ in their timings, grace period and overtime calculations. Further, people working at levels in the same department need different time-attendance and access control policies.

Security depends on having right answers to Who, What, Where and When. Defining, controlling and monitoring entries and exits at each site, zone, floor, area and office is necessary for effective security.

It is a herculean task to identify a Time-Attendance and Access Control solution that meets the organization’s exact needs and integrates seamlessly with its existing IT/ERP infrastructure.

Presenting Matrix COSEC-an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Time-Attendance and Access Control solution designed for Small Office Home Office (SOHO), Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Large Enterprises (LE).

Key Features

First-In User Rule

In some organizations, employees or workers are not allowed to enter into certain work areas unless a designated person makes the first entry to ensure higher level of safety and security. With this feature, Matrix COSEC will keep the door locked until the designated first user registers his entry. Once the First-In entry is registered, other users are allowed to enter till the working time of the First-In user is over.

2-Person Rule

Certain sensitive zones contain valuable assets like cash, gold, data, intellectual property, etc. Security of such assets should not be entrusted on any single individual. 2-Person Rule allows entry only when two persons from an authorized group jointly use their access rights within a specified time and thus eliminating possibility of any fraud. COSEC supports 16 such groups with up to 6 persons in each group.

Anti-Pass Back (APB)

Anti-Pass Back prevents a card holder from passing their card back to a second person to gain entry into the same zone unless the same card is registered for exit after each entry. This intelligent feature of COSEC helps organization to maximize security by preventing fraudulent use of card and helps to maintain an accurate record of the number of people in a specific zone and last position of the user.

Anti-Pass Back can work in two modes: (1) Anti-Pass Back Global: In this mode system verifies user’s exit marking on all zones before allowing re-entry. (2) Anti-Pass Back Local: In this mode, system verifies user’s exit marking on local zone (same zone of entry) only before allowing re-entry.

Matrix COSEC offers two types of Anti Pass Back restrictions when APB rule is violated. Hard Anti-Pass Back restricts the entry with log while soft Anti-Pass Back allows the re-entry but maintains a log.

Guard Tour

Guard Tour feature enables the administrator to keep an eye on the movements of security guards within the organization to ensure it is monitored properly during working and non-working hours or days. Guard has to show his credentials (card or fingerprint) on defined checkpoints at specified time period. This tour can be programmed in such a way that all doors are required to be visited sequentially. Maximum time period to complete a tour can also be defined.
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