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Time-Attendance defines productivity of any organization and Access Control defines security of valuable assets. These two areas are inherently human-oriented, complex and challenging to automate.

Productivity of any organization depends on its effectiveness in putting the right people in the right place at the right time. No two organizations have identical attendance and leave policies. Same organization may follow different timings and holidays for its different facilities like head office, factory and branch offices. Various departments like manufacturing, R&D and marketing within an office differ in their timings, grace period and overtime calculations. Further, people working at different levels in the same department need different time attendance and access control flexibility.

Security depends on having right answers to Who, What, Where and When. Defining, controlling and monitoring entries and exits at each site, zone, floor, area and office is necessary for effective security.

It is a herculean task to identify a Time-Attendance and Access Control solution that meets the organization’s exact needs and integrates seamlessly with its existing IT/ERP infrastructure.

Presenting Matrix COSEC – an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Time-Attendance and Access Control system designed for Small Office Home Office (SOHO), Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and large Enterprises (LE).

Key Features


It is very challenging to capture time attendance rules of an organization and automate them. Matrix COSEC meets this objective by offering a superlative range of flexible functions. Shifts and Schedules, Late-In and Early-Out, Overtime, Comp-off, Absenteeism, Multiple Organizations, Past Adjustments, SMS and Email Notifications etc. are some of these rules. Elaborate views and reports are also offered for people working at all different levels.

Multiple Organizations

Each organization has different policies related to time attendance and leave management. This feature permits administrator to create Multiple Organizations and assign it to an employee. It also permits to generate outputs separately for different organizations. Apart from the organization creation, COSEC allows to create multiple branches, departments, sections, designations, grades and categories.

Selectable Entry-Exit Mode on Readers

COSEC provides the flexibility of using the same reader for entry as well as exit and thus eliminates the need of separate exit reader. System will automatically consider user punches for entry and exit depending on system programming.

Late-In/ Early-Out Policy

Matrix COSEC time attendance software is a reliable tool to monitor late-in and early-out entry of each employee based on his shift. HR can create and assign these policies to an employee or a group of employees. Appropriate actions like leave deductions, officials or personal marking etc. can be taken based on late-in and early-out entries of an employee.

Overtime Policy and Authorization

Overtime Policy is a complex process and varies from organization to organization. This software allows calculating overtime on daily or weekly basis and provides option for rounding the values. There is a provision to authorize the overtime from his reporting officer for maintaining proper system.

Compensatory Off (Comp-off) Policy and Authorization

Many organizations provide compensation for extra work to motivate their employees. With Comp-off policy, HR can easily convert overtime working hours in Compensatory Off hours and offer additional leave or encashment options. Reporting officer has the rights to authorize comp-off hours.

Absenteeism Policy

Absenteeism Policy allows HR to define whether week off or holiday is allowed on single side or both sides of the employee’s leave period. HR can also define number of days after which an absent user is blocked.

Shifts and Schedules

Shifts and Schedules vary from organization to organization. It is very time consuming for the managers to manually manage workforce effectively and efficiently. COSEC time attendance software is designed after considering this complexity. It allows creating unlimited shifts and up to 99 shift schedules to manage workforce of any type of organization.

Automatic Shift Correction

For organization working in shifts, sometimes employee comes in a different shift instead of his regular shift. In such cases, COSEC time attendance offers an option to correct shift operation automatically and mark his presence for the day.

Holidays and Restricted Holidays

With COSEC software, HR can define holiday schedule for the current year. Software allows 4 holiday schedule groups with maximum of 32 holidays range in each group. Admin can define range of holidays with start and end date. This is very useful feature for schools, colleges etc. where serial holidays or vacations needs to be included in a holiday list.

System has the provision to define restricted holiday list which is common for all employees in the organization. Employees can enjoy predefined number of holidays from this list without leave deduction. It is useful especially for the employees who are coming from other regions and don’t want to miss their festival.

Manual Entry and Corrections of Entry-Exit Events

Manual Entry is a useful feature when employee is on tour or requires any modification in attendance record. Overtime/comp-off hours, late-in/early-out time, personal or official marking etc can be corrected manually with proper access rights. It provides systematic approach and accurate attendance data to the HR for salary calculation.

Past Adjustments

Many times HR needs to correct employee data like attendance days, overtime hours, working hours and shift allowance after the attendance period is closed. These data are important as it affects employee attendance record and salary calculation. COSEC time attendance software generates past adjustment data automatically and includes it into current month salary calculation data.

Attendance Summary

Attendance Summary comprises essential attributes for the salary calculation. It summarizes various employee data like attendance, leave details, week off and holidays on a single page. Furthermore, organization-wise, department-wise and user defined period-wise Attendance Summary can be generated.

Attendance Periods

COSEC time attendance software provides an option to choose flexible attendance period for salary calculation. It offers month-wise attendance period i.e. 1st July-31st July and user defined date-wise attendance period i.e. 26th March-25th April.

Authorization Hierarchy

Well organized authorization hierarchy in an organization helps managers to manage their workforce effectively and efficiently. System offers 99 reporting groups and each employee can be placed in one of this reporting group. This ensures all the leaves and attendance requests are approved by his reporting officer.

Global Attendance Parameters

Common rules and parameters can be defined at one place and applied to all users with this utility. These includes no. of duplicate punch allowed, auto shift correction, max late-in / early-out allowed time, password security etc. Thus administrator doesn’t need to define parameters for each user which saves useful time.

User-wise and Period-wise Option

User-wise policy offers to create different policies and assign to different employees whereas period-wise policy offers to create different policies based on different time periods and assigned to a single employee or a group of employees. This option is available with Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime, Comp-off and Absenteeism policies.

SMS and Email Notifications

Admin can assign SMS and Email alerts for various predefined events such as User Events, Leave Application, Approval/Rejection, Monthly Attendance and Missing In/Out Punch. COSEC will send SMS and Email notification to multiple users automatically on the occurrence of any such events. This feature has a great use in schools, colleges and all type of offices to inform user about their various attendance and leave details and for reducing attendance related issues.

Custom Alerts Utility

The smart feature of COSEC enables user to customize a message of their like and send it across a group of users. It helps organization to send information like gathering, meeting, latest news, changed rules, working on holidays etc. via SMS and Email very quickly.
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