Command and Control is the doctrine in militancy operations devoted to ensure the safety and security of a nation. At the time of combats it is the safety of the citizens which is at stake. The commanders and the contingents must be able to communicate anytime and from anywhere. The need of an efficient, highly-advanced and most importantly a dependable communication system sees no alternative. There can be no conciliation on the quality and dependability of such an equipment, as performance is highly imperative. The combat communication system must perform and perform the best nonetheless of the extreme weather conditions or the rough and bumpy terrains or the eternal hours of operation.

Presenting, ETERNITY MEX - The Military Exchange, built with zeal to deliver the most supreme communication to the combat forces. MEX is a highly-integrated unit level switch board (MK III) built to endure the vigorous field environment. The state of the art exchange functions as a local and transit switch providing termination of local telephone subscribers and trunk lines at unit or sub unit level. Modular configuration with distributed processing guarantees faster performance and a much simplified maintenance. Universal interfaces, completely non-blocking architecture, redundant configuration, a ruggedized and toughened structure and adherence to all stringent military standards ensure a dependable performance.

MEX functions as an automated call management exchange, flexibly managing calls right from initiation to termination. The intelligent exchange seamlessly routes calls between various network ports, from trunks to subscriber stations and amongst the various subscriber stations. Multi-location networking can be done over ISDN, E1 or E&M lines, extending system features and capacity till a distant comrade unit.

Incoming calls can be automatically directed to specific users; else routed amongst a group of users as per pre-defined priorities. Outgoing calls are routed via the most-cost-effective network calculating various algorithms. The dial plans can be unlike for different groups and flexibly revived as per the time of calling.

ETERNITY MEX delivers intelligent features to its service extensions, such as remembering access codes for easy and speed dialling, forwarding calls to desired extension, grouping extensions, establishing conferencing circuits for multi-party conversations, re-attempting calls at unsuccessful trials and many others. ETERNITY MEX logs all its activity, maintains a detailed call activity reports with the provision to back-up and print the same.

An indispensible requirement of a military exchange is to perform and perform at every instant. The envisaged military environment is highly strenuous for any equipment. Ruggedized to tolerate all the duress, MEX is engineered to offer a reliable performance under all arduous situations. The distributed processing architecture with local processing units for each card localize fault points and lead to fault isolation and easier fault identification. Integrated DSP based SLIC and DAA are used for analog subscriber and trunk Interfaces along with automatic thermal management on subscriber and tie lines.

On-board secondary protection, over voltage and current protection eliminate overheating or breakdowns. The LTB also comes with 5-Stage protection. The MTBF is better than 5000 working hours with a repair time less than 30 minutes.

1+1 Hot-Standby for critical cards offers true redundancy. In the event of failure of the active card, the changeover to the standby card is automatic and transparent, without any disruption of services. All the interface cards are hot¬-swappable, eliminating unhealthy system down-time.

Network Management (MMI)
MEX configuration is possible from subscriber stations, operator console as well as via a local/remote terminal. Ruggedized network management terminal/MMI with user friendly web based GUI allows the switch to be configured, monitored and managed remotely. The system access can be secured with passwords differentiated for access at various levels. The switch also provides a MIL standard MMI interface on the front fascia with an EMI protected cable with a sealed connector on one end and industrial standard connector for laptop.

System Traffic and Statistics
Comprehensive monitoring and management reports can be generated with per port/trunk occupation details. Built-in SMDR for 12000 records is provided. System Event and Fault Logs can also be generated for easier troubleshooting and maintenance. These logs can also be viewed on the VFD display of operator console.

Testing and Evaluation (POST and BITE)
Besides the network management terminal, card level system diagnosis is available through the LED status indicators on the operator console and the corresponding textual messages displayed on the VFD. Power-on self-test (POST), on-line and off-line diagnostics offer self-diagnosis of various cards. Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) testing of various ports like SLT, Magneto, CO (TWT), E&M and LD can also be done.

Ruggedization (MIL STD-461D and JSS-55555)
MEX is well armored at each and every step of its designing. Housed in a ruggedized cabinet, the connectors and MDF are duly toughened. There are no moving parts and cards are well secured to the slots. MEX is ruggedized to match all the specifications as per table L2B of JSS-55555. Abiding the EMI/EMC specifications as per MIL STD-461D ensure impervious performance under varying climatic conditions. Draped in a color scheme in camouflage to the field environment, MEX is built to endure extreme variations of temperature, pressure and humidity. The ruggedization offers absolute endurance against vibration, shock, bounce, collision, drop, duress, dust and immersion.

The military exchange is destined to be installed in harsh locations, to be carried on rough and bumpy terrains. It may be carried physically, in cars and trucks and also in aircrafts. All the handheld devices along with the unit level switch are easily portable and light weight. The accessories include transit-case and harnesses for the switch (main unit), LTB, FCBC, batteries and laptop. The light-weight switch, with all the accessories is ideal for carriage as man-pack equipment and for vehicular transport. An appropriate vehicle mounting arrangement is provided to mount the switch and FCBC which can be then mounted on the platform of wheeled vehicle.