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Fire Alarm Panels
Early detection of fires can prevent major catastrophes protecting valuable assets and saving lives. This predicates high reliability and rapid response time as critical requirements in Fire Alarm Panels. Hence, it is natural for customers to demand reliable, rugged and maintenance-free fire alarm panels.

The mission of a fire control system is to protect life, property and resources from hazardous scenarios like fire, explosion chemical spill or even radiation. It becomes a herculean task to identify and suppress a fire in real time for any organization without a perpetual fire monitoring and detection system.

Presenting Matrix PROPAC - A powerful and proactive CFAP (Conventional Fire Alarm Panel) used to continuously monitor smoke, heat, flame or spark in the immediate vicinity of an office, building, apartment, home or small industrial plant. It is fully geared to identify the smallest spark accurately, and is vital in critical situations for providing a real time response and thus reducing the risk of equipment damage and loss of life.

Matrix PROPAC is built using latest micro-controllers and ADCs for rapid and accurate response to the external events. It offers an easy to use interface through LCD, colored status indicators and touch sense keys. There are direct keys for various zones and other important actions such as status acknowledgement or routine system checks. Additional settings are offered through menu options on the LCD display, making it easy to setup and operate. Matrix PROPAC is housed in a rugged yet sleek weather-proof enclosure.

A wide range of sensors and detectors are supported by PROPAC, ensuring that it can be used with the existing installation seamlessly without the need to change IDC circuits. Front panel programming makes it easier for the user to configure the system in few seconds. It also offers one-person device testing so that a user can test it from his place remotely.

PROPAC has state-of-the-art technology and uses it to satisfy key requirements like fire and fault detection and reporting, panel reset, acknowledge fire and fault, evacuation for fire drill, alarm silence, event download through Ethernet, walk test, sounder test etc. Together, these features make it an ideal safety and security solution for small and large enterprises.
Featured List
Acknowledge Fire/Faults Alarm Silence
Configuration through Ethernet Delayed Mode
Events Log Events download via Ethernet
Evacuation or Fire Drill Fault Detection and Reporting
Fire Detection and Notification Fire Relay and Integration
Firmware upgrade through Ethernet Lamp Test
Mimic Panel Normal Mode
Reset Panel Sounder Test
Specific Faults Indicators Touch Sensitive Keypad
User Access Levels and Codes User Friendly Menu
LCD based Display Walk Test
Walk Test Inactivity Timer/Stop Test Zones and Sounder Circuits