Matrix offers complete range of IP-PBXs suitable for any modern business or enterprise. These IP-PBXs offer extensive integrated functions and features to meet any demanding application. They are all-in-one IP-PBX solutions with Registrar, Proxy, Voice Mail, Presence and IM Servers.

Matrix ETERNITY is a family of IP-PBXs with Universal Connectivity and Seamless Mobility. The ETERNITY IP-PBX offers built-in gateway capability to connect nearly all telecom interfaces like FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, T1/E1, GSM and 3G.

Matrix SAPEX is a compact and flexible pure IP-PBX that can work with any Matrix or third party external gateways.
IP-PBX with Universal Connectivity and
Seamless Mobility
Matrix ETERNITY is an enterprise-grade IP
-PBX with integrated built-in interfaces for all
legacy and wireless networks.
A Integrated Pure IP-PBX
Matrix SAPEX is a Pure IP-PBX with built-in
Registrar, Proxy, Presence, Instant Messaging
and Voice Mail servers.