Key Features
Electricity infrastructure is the lifeline of every modern community, state and country. Instant, live-wire communication is vital for the people who run and maintain electricity generation, transmission and distribution. They demand a communication system that is reliable, intelligent and flexible. Due to the special nature of their PLCC communication network and application, they need a special product that is designed keeping their infrastructure and requirements in mind.

The PLCC network itself is typical in its architecture and topology. In addition, PLCC users depend heavily on communication to keep the electricity infrastructure run uninterrupted round-the-clock. Matrix ETERNITY is the result of thorough study of PLCC requirements and many years of experience in designing similar products.

Flexibility is the core strength of the Matrix ETERNITY PLCC solution. Its open, universal slot architecture allows it to be upgraded at any time to adapt to the growth and changes in the PLCC network. PLCC Solution can be precisely configured to serve the exact requirements of a site by combination of interface cards tailored for required number of ports.

Non-Blocking PCM-TDM Technology
Built on PCM-TDM technology with high density digital switching platform provides 100% non-blocking system to perform efficiently in heavy traffic environment. Each interface port has its own dedicated DTMF encoders and decoders to support simultaneous dialing and receiving calls on all the ports.

4 Built-in ports# for digital key phones and operator consoles, Multi-party Conferencing Bridge and 256 seconds (16 messages x 16 seconds) Auto-Attendant are part of the standard product. Analog Input Port for external music, Analog Output Port for PAS, Digital Input Port for connecting sensors and Digital Output Port for relay control are built-in system. In addition, Printer Port #, RS232C Port, an Ethernet Port and a USB Port truly justifies it as an all-integrated PLCC Switch.

Matrix ETERNITY PLCC Solution is designed for industrial applications requiring high reliability. Distributed processing, universal slots architecture, hot-swapping of cards and system log of faults enhance the reliability of the product.

ETERNITY PLCC Solution supports universal interfaces on the trunk and the subscriber sides and hence can be connected with diverse networks. It supports POTS, GSM/3G ISDN BRI, T1/E1/PRI and IP trunks and Analog phones, Digital key phones and IP phones on the user terminal side.
Key Features
Alternate Routing Compander Control Signal (CCS)
Destination Restricted Dialing Disable Out-of-Order Trunk
Field Programmable Flexible Extension Numbering Plan
Web based Programming Flexible Station ID
Priority (Forced Call Disconnection) Programmable Pulse
Programming Options Remote Programming
Routing Table SMDR Reports (Outgoing, Incoming and Internal)
System Activity Log & Report System Fault Alarms
System Fault Log Transit Barring
User Restricted Dialing Allowed / Denied List
Auto Attendant Functionality Boss Ring
Call Accounting System Interface Call Duration Control
Call Progress Tones & Rings Caller Line Identification (CLI)
Conference (Dial-in) Conference (Multi Party)
How Outward Dialing LCR
Paging Voice Mail System *