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Internet Telephony offers intrinsic benefits of cost and flexibility. At the same time legacy telephony infrastructure and habits cannot be replaced overnight. People desire the best of both worlds - lower cost offered by VoIP and convenience of using existing telephony products and methods.

Matrix SETU VFX44L is designed to meet these requirements of converting VoIP network to traditional telephony interfaces and vice-versa. It handles all the complexities of VoIP technology internally and provides simple telephone interfaces to make and receive calls.

Let Matrix SETU VFX44L be your bridge to the new world of IP Telephony!

Matrix SETU VFX44L is a SIP Gateway with 4 FXS ports and 1 FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) port. It interfaces legacy telephone devices to IP-based networks. It is specially designed for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises to offer them the advantages of low-tariff Internet Telephony for long distance and international calls. It can be used with any existing PBX providing users access to VoIP trunks. It can also be used in a stand-alone mode.

Matrix SETU VFX44L converts the voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the Internet. When a telephone number is dialed by a user, Matrix SETU VFX44L converts it into an IP call using the SIP protocol and initiates a call to the called person in any part of the globe. Using an appropriate VoIP service provider, long distance or inter-office call charges can be reduced significantly or eliminated.

Making an outgoing call is as easy as from a normal telephone. Call progress tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone are fed to the caller as per the called number status. The FXS ports can make outgoing calls on a common or nine different SIP accounts. In addition, number based SIP account selection is provided to select the most economical SIP account for a given outgoing number.

An incoming call from a SIP account can be routed to any one of the FXS ports. All different CLIP protocols are supported so that the user can identify the caller before answering the call.

Once a call is established from SIP FXS Gateway, features like Call Hold, Call Transfer and Call Forward are supported to manage two calls from the same FXS port. Call Forward in different conditions and Do Not Disturb are also provided.

The FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) port allows the user on the first FXS port to selectively dial certain numbers on the PSTN. This line can be used to make emergency or normal calls or when Internet connectivity is not required or unavailable.

Matrix SETU VFX44L can be used with any existing PBX without changing the infrastructure. PBX users can make voice calls on IP to avail themselves with the low-tariff of VoIP. The users can continue to make and receive calls without worrying on which network their calls are routed.

Matrix SETU VFX44L is easy to install and operate. It can be configured using its built-in web pages served by the internal HTTP server.

Key Features

Access Codes

Matrix SETU VFX44L uses 3-digit short codes allowing the user to enable/disable features, dial emergency number, access the FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) port or to enter in the programming mode. These short codes are known as Access Code that the user dials to access specific features.

Allowed and Denied List

Allowed and Denied Lists are used to restrict dialing of long-distance and international numbers. A number is blocked if its prefix matches with any entry in the Denied Lists. On the other hand, a number is allowed to go through if it matches with any entry in the Allowed List. This provides flexibility of allowing only specific numbers, blocking all others on FXS ports. SETU VFX44L offers flexibility of defining 24 such lists containing 64 numbers in each list.

Automatic Number Translation

Matrix SETU VFX44L modifies the dialed number or part thereof so that it matches with the numbering plan that is understood by the ITSP. For example, if a user has dialed the number 223344 to call, the SETU VFX44L adds the appropriate access code "*777" specified by the ITSP and dials out the number "*777223344" instead of 223344.

Blind Call Transfer

Matrix SETU VFX44L allows the user to transfer the call without talking to the remote user to whom the call is being transferred. The SETU VFX44L also notifies the user about the failure or success of the transferred call.

Block Black Listed Callers

Matrix SETU VFX44L allows blocking of incoming calls on SIP accounts from specific addresses, thus shielding users from unwanted junk calls.

Call Detail Record (CDR)

Matrix SETU VFX44L stores up to 2000 calls made through the gateway in its internal memory. Reports can be generated using various filters like Port, Number, Date, Time and Duration.

Call Forward

Matrix SETU VFX44L provides the user flexibility to forward his calls to a desired destination number. The calls can be forwarded in various conditions like When Busy, When No Reply and Unconditionally.

Call Hold

Matrix SETU VFX44L allows the user to put a party on hold to avoid transmission of speech packets as long as the other end is kept on hold

Call Progress Tones and Rings

Matrix SETU VFX44L supports user programmable tones and rings to match those of the region or country standard where it is installed.

Calling Party Control (CPC)

CPC is required to prevent hanging of the FXS port when it is connected to a device like answering machine, voice mail system, PBX etc. When a call is disconnected from the other side of the Internet, the SIP port is released. The SETU VFX44L can propagate this call release on the FXS port in the form of Calling Party Control (CPC) signal. The device senses this signal and frees the FXS port.

Call Waiting

This feature notifies the VFX44L user about another incoming call in wait during an active call.

Class of Service

This feature allows provision of specific features to be used by specific users only while restricting others from using the same features.


An FXS port can be programmed for any of the three CLIP protocols - DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 212A. The Calling Party Number detected by SETU VFX44L is presented on the FXS port.

Compact and Sturdy

Matrix SETU VFX44L is an integrated gateway equipment. It can be installed on a wall or any table surface

Day Light Saving Time (DST)

The Real Time Clock (RTC) of the SETU VFX44L moves forward or backward automatically in tune with the Day Light Saving requirement of the country where it is installed. The options like Week-Day-Month or Date-Month are provided to move the clock forward and backward automatically on the specified day, date and time.

Emergency Number Dialing

This feature allows the user to dial the emergency number using FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) port. Four emergency numbers can be stored in the SETU VFX44L.

Fax over IP (FoIP)

The Matrix SETU VFX44L user can send and receive Fax over SIP account, when the FAX machine is connected to the FXS port. The SETU VFX44L supports FoIP using T.38 Vocoder and Pass Through.

FXO (PSTN Pass-Through)

Matrix SETU VFX44L FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) port should be connected to the PSTN or PBX so that the user can make certain calls using this line. The first FXS port can use this port to dial emergency numbers, when the Internet is not available and during power failure.

Dial Plan

Matrix SETU VFX44L provides a list of frequently called numbers or part numbers with preferred SIP account for each entry. When a user dials a number, SETU VFX44L finds the matching number using the “best-fit” logic. It then uses the SIP account given against this matching number to make that call. This ensures lowest cost for all the outgoing calls. SETU VFX44L allows the creation of 24 such lists and a maximum of 64 Numbers can be stored in each number list. Individual Number List can be created for each FXS port to be used as phone book


If a particular number is dialed frequently, it can be programmed as a hotline number. Whenever a user reaches SETU VFX44L, it waits for some time for the user to dial a number. If the user does not dial any number, it dials out the hotline number automatically.

Incoming Calls Routing

Call arriving from any SIP account can be routed to any of the FXS ports of SETU VFX44L
Featured List

Software Features

9 SIP Accounts (Trunks) Access Codes
Automatic Number Translation Block Black Listed Calls
Call Detail Record (CDR) Calling Party Control (CPC)
CLIP (DTMF, FSK-ITU-T V.23, Bellcore 212A) Comfort Noise Generation
Day Light Saving DHCP Client
Dial Plan Echo Cancellation Tail Length 128ms
Emergency Number Dialing Fax over IP (T.38 and Pass Through)
Flexible Incoming Call Routing Forward Error Correction (FEC)
Hotline LED Indications
MAC Cloning Peer-to-Peer Calling
PPPoE Client Programmable Call Progress Tones
Programmable Ring Tones Remote Programming
Supplementary Services Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward on No Reply Call Forward Unconditionally
Call Hold Caller ID
Call Transfer-Blind Call Toggle
Call Waiting Do Not Disturb (DND)
STUN Symmetic RTP
VLAN Tagging Voice Activity Detection