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Telecommunication has undergone many technological phases starting from analog to digital, wired to wireless and gradually evolved to VoIP technology which is rapidly gaining ground against traditional telephone technology. Though continuous advancement in communication technology had significantly improved the way of communication, however, voice quality is still restricted to nominal standards of narrow-band audio codecs. The adoption of VoIP has provided the opportunity to move beyond the set standards of PSTN "toll-quality voice" and get introduced to a new world of high-definition voice. High-Definition Voice offers wide-band audio making communication more clear, effective and lively.

Matrix SETU VP248SE is a High-Definition VoIP Phone built with superior acoustics and elegant design to provide unsurpassed audio quality and rich user experience. The wide-band technology adds a new dimension to voice based communication.

Embrace the new and exciting world of High-Definition IP telephony with Matrix SETU VP248SE!

The SIP based VoIP phone can be used with existing IP infrastructure. It works as an intelligent terminal of IP-PBX, SIP Registrar or Proxy. SETU VP248SE can also be used in a stand-alone mode in point-to-point and point-to-multi-point applications.

Making an outgoing call is as easy as it is from a normal telephone. Call progress tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone are fed to the caller as per the called number status. The user can make outgoing calls on one of the two SIP accounts. In addition, number based automatic SIP account selection is provided to select the most economical SIP account for a given outgoing number.

An incoming call from a SIP account can land on SETU VP248SE. Multiple calls can be received and managed simultaneously.

Once a call is established, features like Call Hold, Call Toggle, Call Transfer, Call Wait and Conference are supported to manage multiple calls. Call Forward in different conditions and Do Not Disturb are also provided.

SETU VP248SE is specially designed for busy executives to offer intuitive user experience, saving valuable time and thus increasing productivity. Full-duplex Speaker Phone, Headset Interface, Programmable Keys, Auto Answer, Speed Dial and many such useful features are supported.

Matrix SETU VP248SE is easy to install and operate. It can be configured using its built-in web pages served by the internal HTTP server. Auto Configuration is also supported for service providers or IP-PBX to control multiple phones from a centralized server.

Matrix SETU VP248SE is available in two models:
  • SETU VP248SE with 2 lines x 24 characters LCD Display and PoE
  • SETU VP248S with 2 lines x 24 characters LCD Display
Key Features

3-Party Conference

This unique feature supports 3-party conference without affecting the speech levels. The user can also toggle between two remote parties or connect them and withdraw himself from the conference.

Adjustable LCD Display

The SETU VP248SE’s LCD display angle can be adjusted as per the user's convenience. The LCD's brightness and contrast can also be adjusted to improve readability.

Anonymous Call Rejection

SETU VP248SE facilitates the user to reject incoming calls that do not have a Name or Number. Such calls are treated as unknown calls, which the user would not like to receive.

Auto Answer

SETU VP248SE allows answering of the call without the user's intervention, on expiry of auto answer timer which is programmed. If any incoming call is received, SETU VP248SE simulates the off-hook condition by activating the headset to answer the call automatically.

Auto Call Back

When the dialed number is busy, the user can apply the Auto Call Back feature so that his call gets in queue. When the called number is free, the user gets a call back notification on the LCD or LED. This helpful feature spares the user the effort of repeatedly dialing the same number, if it is supported by ITSP or IP-PBX.

Auto Configuration

SETU VP248SE can be configured automatically from a central location. The configuration details like Registrar Server Address, Authentication User ID and User Password are stored in the central server. When the user connects SETU VP248SE to the network, it automatically downloads its configuration using TFTP. This plug-n-play feature requires the user to enter only the server address provided by the service provider.

Black Listed Callers’ list

SETU VP248SE allows the blocking of all incoming calls from specific addresses on SIP accounts, thus shielding users from unwanted junk calls.

Call Appearances

This intelligent feature gives the user a notification about 4 calls. While the user is attending a second call by putting the first call on hold, if more incoming calls land on the user's station, SETU VP248SE gives indication for the third and the fourth call as a call waiting. The user can attend these calls by terminating any of the previous active calls or putting the previous call on hold.

Call Forward

Matrix SETU VP248SE provides the user flexibility to forward his calls to a desired destination number. The calls can be forwarded in conditions like All Call, When Busy or When No Reply. The user can forward the calls on one number during the When Busy condition and to another number during a No Reply condition.

Call Hold

Matrix SETU VP248SE allows the user to put the active call on hold and retrieve the second call which is in queue. The user can retrieve the first call again during the second call or on completion of second call. SETU VP248SE notifies the user by indicating the call which is kept on hold.

Call Log

SETU VP248SE is capable of keeping the log of 100 calls in its internal memory. 20 calls each of Dialed Calls, Answered Calls, Unanswered Calls, Rejected Calls and Forwarded Calls with details like Call Number, Called Party Name, Call Day-Date-Time and Call Duration are stored in SETU VP248SE.

Call Mute

SETU VP248SE allows the user to set a one-way speech and to avoid transmission of speech packets to the remote party.

Call Progress Tones and Rings

SETU VP248SE provides Call Progress Tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone. Country-specific tones can be selected to match the tones of the country where it is installed. Similarly, ring cadences can also be selected.

Call Toggle

The user can handle up to four calls simultaneously, switching over from one active call to another held.

Call Transfer

The SETU VP248SE allows the user to transfer the call after or without talking to a remote party to whom the call is being transferred. SETU VP248SE supports two types of call transfers namely Unattended (Blind) Transfer and Attended Transfer.

Call Waiting

This feature notifies the SETU VP248SE user about another incoming call during an active call.

Calling Options

Matrix SETU VP248SE incorporates advanced calling functionality. The various options provided for making calls are - Using Handset, Using Speakerphone, Using Headset and Hot Pad Dialing. During an active call, the user can switch between handset, headset and speaker mode.


CLIP based on information received from SIP message is supported by SETU VP248SE.


SETU VP248SE offers the facility of calling line identity restriction. Selected users can deny disclosure of their identity to others.

Compact and Sturdy

Matrix SETU VP248SE is an integrated IP Phone which can be installed on a wall or any table surface.

Day Light Saving

SETU VP248SE synchronizes with the NTP server’s clock timing to move forward or backward as per duration set in the system, automatically in tune with the Day Light Saving requirement of the country where it is installed. The options like Week-Day-Month or Date-Month are provided to move the clock forward and backward automatically on the specified day, date and time.

Dial Plan

SETU VP248SE provides a list of 10 programmable numbers or part numbers with economical SIP account. When a user dials a number, it gets the matching entry from the list using “best-fit” logic and uses the SIP account given therein. This ensures lowest cost for all the outgoing calls.

Do Not Disturb Number List

This feature allows the user to receive calls from specific numbers only. Thus Matrix SETU VP248SE provides the user privacy, shielding him from unwanted calls.
Featured List

Software Features

100 Rel / PRACK (RFC 3262) 3-Party Conference
4-Call Appearance (VP248PE) Anonymous Call Rejection
Auto Answer Auto Call Back
Auto Configuration Black Listed Callers’ List
Call Appearances Call Log
Call Mute Call Progress Tones and Rings
Call Toggle Calling Options
Comfort Noise Generation Compact and Sturdy
Day Light Saving DHCP Client
Dial Plan DND List
Do Not Disturb (DND) Echo Cancellation
Forward Error Correction (FEC) Hotline
Key Assignment Keypad Lock
Least Cost Routing LED Indications
MAC Cloning Multiple Gateway
Secondary DNS Server Redundancy Multi-Lingual Menu driven Feature Access
Notifications Password Protection
Peer-to-Peer Calling Phone Book
PPPoE Quality of Service (QoS)
Receiving a Call (Handset, Headset, Speaker)
Rejecting a Call Remote Programming
Search Contact Selective SIP line
SIP Accounts SIP Over TCP
Speed Dial STUN
Symmetric RTP Supplementary Services
Call Forward On Busy Call Forward On No Reply
Call Hold Call Waiting
Call Transfer-Blind Call Transfer-Attended
Conference 3 Party Making Second Call
VLAN Tagging Voice Activity Detection
Voice Mail Volume Setting