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Time-Attendance defines the productivity of any organization and Access Control defines security of the valuable assets. These two areas are inherently human-oriented, complex and challenging to automate.

Productivity of any organization depends on its effectiveness in putting the right people in the right place at the right time. No two organizations have identical attendance and leave policies. Even the same organization may follow different timings and holidays for its different facilities like head office, factory and branch offices. Various departments like manufacturing, R&D and marketing within an office differ in their timings, grace period and overtime calculations. Further, people working at levels in the same department need different time-attendance and access control policies.

Security depends on having right answers to Who, What, Where and When. Defining, controlling and monitoring entries and exits at each site, zone, floor, area and office is necessary for effective security.

It is a herculean task to identify a Time-Attendance and Access Control solution that meets the organization’s exact needs and integrates seamlessly with its existing IT/ERP infrastructure.

Presenting Matrix COSEC-an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Time-Attendance and Access Control solution designed for Small Office Home Office (SOHO), Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Large Enterprises (LE).
Key Features

Shifts and Schedules

Shifts and Schedules vary from organization to organization. It is very time consuming for managers to manually manage workforce schedules effectively and efficiently. COSEC application server is a powerful software and designed while considering this complexity. It can generate unlimited shifts and up to 99 shift schedules to manage workforce of any type of organization.

Past Adjustments

Many times HR needs to correct employee data like attendance days, overtime hours, working hours and shift allowance after the attendance period closed. These data are important as it affects the employee attendance record and salary calculation. COSEC time-attendance software generates past adjustment data automatically and includes it into current month salary calculation data. Thus, employees never miss their deserving earnings!

Integration with ERP, HRM and Payroll

Integration of web based application with 3rd party software can save lots of time and money for any business organization. With export data generation utility, System can create different templates with programmable data fields which can be exported from the system in three different formats like CSV, Text and Excel and given to any ERP, HRM or Payroll as an input. Moreover, static and database field values can be replaced with user defined values.

Leave Types Creation

Each organization differs in working from other organization and follows their leave policies with varied parameters. System gives wide options to HR to create different leave types like PL, CL, SL EL, ML, OD etc with different parameters like balance check enable/disable, paid/unpaid leave, lay off, accumulation etc. It also gives option to define minimum and maximum leaves availed at a time.
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Manual Entry and Corrections of Entry-Exit Events Shifts and Schedules
Automatic Shift Correction Late-In/ Early-Out Policy
Late-In /Early-Out Correction and Authorization Overtime Policy and Authorization
Compensatory Off (Comp-OFF) Policy and Authorization Absenteeism Policy
User-wise and Period-wise Option Attendance Summary
Attendance Periods Past Adjustments
Authorization Hierarchy Views and Reports
Holidays and Restricted Holidays Integration with ERP, HRM and Payroll
User Creation and Management User Enrollment
Leave Types Creation Organization-wise Leaves
Leave Requests and Approvals Leave Balance
Leave Accumulation Rules Leave Balance Carry Forward/Lapse Rules
Leave Accounting Periods Leave Encashment
View Attendance/Leave Status Plan and View Shift Schedule
Request and Authorize Attendance Request and Approve Leaves
Message Board Reporting Officer Self Service