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Visitor Management
A visitor is an outsider to the organization who needs to be monitored by the organization from security point-of-view. Generally Log book or a register based visitor management is time consuming, unreliable and manual dependent process because visitors have to wait or stand in a queue till their paper pass ready with all necessary details. Moreover, it can’t restrict visitors to visit any particular area so there is always risk of stealing of intellectual properties.

Matrix COSEC visitor management is a completely web based system which manages, enrolling, defines access rights and granting access to visitors and monitors them. It helps in keeping the track of visitors throughout the facility and save time of administrator by speed up the check-in process.
Key Features

Visitor Pre-Registration

To speed up the registration process of a visitor, VMM facilitates security officers to register visitors’ details in advance and create a pass before the actual visit. Information like personal details, date and time of visit, contact person etc can be stored in the database.

Visitor Pass Creation

COSEC VMM gives an option to produce e-pass or paper pass with access allotted to visitor for defined time period. It carries information like name, address, organization, contact, escort user, host user etc. Moreover, with a single click operation admin can capture or upload photograph of a visitor. VMM also have the facility to keep record of the materials list, ID-Proof and no. of additional visitors.

Visitor Access

Just like a normal employee, VMM has the facility to provide fingerprint and card based access to each visitor. Moreover, administrator can assign different access rights to each visitor to ensure that they can access permitted zones only.

Visitor Escort

VMM provides an option to select an escort with the visitor to ensure higher security of the organization. Door will open only if visitor’s credential is shown after escort’s credential within specific time period.

Visitor Watch List and Blocked Visitors

When admin feels that particular visitors should not be allowed to the premises, he can add them to the Visitor Watch List. Moreover, he can block watch listed visitors to withdrawn their access rights to premises.

Visitor Reports

Admin can create various reports such as visitor punch details, visitor access denied, pre-registered visitors, blocked visitors, visitor pass validity and status, expired passes etc. It can be viewed on the web or printed for further actions.
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